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Getting Started

To get started on the path to having a web site, you first need to make some decisions

One decision is to determine the purpose of your web site.  For example, some web sites are simply online brochures--a way to provide information to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other purposes >>  

Basics to get a web site started, you need:

1.  A Domain Name. The "www" name.  Although not absolutely necessary, it helps people find your web site.

2.  Content.  The words or images you want on your web pages.  That will be your initial content.  We can help you, if you have difficulty getting started.

3.  Ideas.  Look around at other web sites, and think about:

  • what "look and feel" you might like for your own site, 
  • what you absolutely do NOT want for your own site, and 
  • whether or not you want some of the more advanced functionality of some sites.

4.  Here's where we come in. We help you put all that together, to accomplish YOUR goals. 

Contact us!   

These steps will get you started on the path to happy web site ownership.  

Get started with your web site today -- don't put it off -- do it now!


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