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Websites 101

Decisions to Make

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There are many decisions to be made when you develop your web site.  Here are a few thought-provokers:

DECISION:  Do you have a logo and a "business identity" and if so, do you want to carry that logo/identity onto your web site?  Will it look good on the Internet?

DECISION:  What is the goal and purpose of your web site?  Some common purposes, for example, are:

  • to collaborate
  • to inform
  • to educate
  • to sell products
  • to sell services.

Usually a web site exists for more than one of these purposes!

DECISION:  How often will the information on your web site change?  Monthly, daily, yearly?  Will you be selling products with an inventory and/or services that change often?  

DECISION:  How much time do you (or someone in your company) want to devote to the web site project?  It is important to have one or more person(s) to be committed to keeping the information up-to-date and accurate.

DECISION:  What is the budget for your web site project?   If you know how much you want to spend for a site, then you are more likely to get the site you want and will be content with for a long time.  For instance, when building a house, of course you have an idea how much you want to spend overall to get that house!

DECISION:  Do you already have contracts with anyone for any web-related work?  You will need to honor those contracts.  We have high ethical standards, and we treat others like WE want to be treated.  

There are other decisions, so call us if you would like to discuss other questions or concerns you may have.

The Website 101 pages are basic informational pages to provide an overview of some of the more standardized functions of most web sites.

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