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Domain Names

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Generally, a "domain name" is the registered "www" name or "web address" of a web site.

Specifically, Webster's Dictionary of Computer Terms has these definitions: 

A "domain name system" is defined as:We like to use the skills and talents of the many gifted folks that are "out there" on the Internet.  Some of the animated graphics you see at our site are from  Thanks Animation Factory for a wonderful service!

In the Internet, the conceptual system, standards, and names that make up the hierarchical organization of the Internet into named domains.

and a "domain name":

In the system of domain names [a domain name is] used to identify individual Internet computers, a single word or abbreviation that makes up part of a computer's unique name [such as].   ... At the end of the series of domain names is the top level domain (here, "com") .... 

Both definitions are from  Webster's New World Dictionary of Computer Terms, Seventh Edition.

We have found that "domain name," "URL," and "web address" are usually used by the general public interchangeably. 


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The Website 101 pages are basic informational pages to provide an overview of some of the more standardized functions of most web sites.

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