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Websites 101

Meta Data

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"Meta data" is information ABOUT information.  When a web page is created, meta data is inserted into the page in a way that makes it visible to the mechanics of a web page, but not to casual web site visitors.  Casual web site visitors are not concerned with all that "gobbledy-gook," they just want to see the web page.

Meta data includes "keywords," "description," "author," and other stuff.  For Website 101 purposes, we'll try to help you understand the importance of  keywords and description.

At some point in the process of designing and creating your web site, we will ask you to help create a set of  keywords and a description

The reason we ask you to assist with the creation of your keywords and description is because most search engines use that information to index and categorize your web site and your business. Each word is significant.  


This is a list of words that are "key" to what your web site is about.  Your list will include all the words you think a potential web site visitor would use to search for, and find your site.  Would they be looking for "contractors?"  "dog catchers?"  "dermatology?"  What about inexperienced users who are not sure even what they are looking for?  Perhaps you need general words and can think of broad concept words for your site, also. The more accurate and complete your list of keywords is, the more likely your potential customers will find your site AND your business. 


What you see after you do a search (sometimes called "the hit list"), is likely the description that you put into each page of your site.   The description and keywords are used by some search engines to see if your site matched whatever the searcher was seeking.

Here's an easy way to come up with an accurate "description" for your web site's main page:  

When you meet someone for the first time, and they ask, "What do you do?", what do you tell them?   YOUR response to THAT question is probably a good description of your business.

A description should sum up your business in a comprehensive, concise, and compelling way.   For instance, compare these descriptions:

1 - Blackwell Web Design makes web sites.

2 - Blackwell Web Design, an independent web development company, develops and maintains web sites for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and churches.

Both are accurate; one just tells so much more clearly what we do.

Guess what?  Keywords and Description meta data is sometimes visible to a web site visitor if they click on VIEW and then click on SOURCE.  Usually among all that "gibberish," the words "keywords" and "description" are listed.   

You can look at the keywords on THIS page.  Go ahead, click on VIEW, then click on SOURCE.  See?  Now you know what a keyword list looks like.

We recommend that you give careful, thorough consideration to your  keywords and description before your site goes online, to be sure those search engines categorize your site right the first time. 

Your keywords and description will need to change over time, since the World Wide Web is changing so rapidly and growing exponentially.  Be sure to check them occasionally, and update when needed.


The Website 101 pages are basic informational pages to provide an overview of some of the more standardized functions of most web sites.

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