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Web Site Statistics

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Statistics are invaluable to your company's marketing plan.  A statistics report provides information about your web site traffic, such as

  • the number of "visits" your web site gets,

  • what words are searched to bring visitors to your web site,

  • which pages of your site are most popular, 

  • the search engines that refer visitors to your site, and

  • how long pages are viewed.

If one of your goals in owning a web site is to include statistics reporting, be sure to let your web site developer know to include a statistics functionality to your site.

There is much more detailed information on the Internet about web site statistics.  Whenever you want to learn more, do a search for the words "web site statistics" using your favorite search engine.

Sample Statistic Report>>


The Website 101 pages are basic informational pages to provide an overview of some of the more standardized functions of most web sites.

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